If you participated in the DS4All seminar on exploring relationships in graphs and want to explore further, you may want to consider joining the Neo4j “Global Graph Hack”. Even if you did not participate in the seminar but find graphs fascinating (think social media connections) , you may want to look into this. According to their website, you don’t need to be an expert – all levels are welcome. You can compete individually or on a team. They have not announced the theme of the hackkathon (September 2nd), so nobody has a jump on you yet! The top 3 teams get airfare and hotels to a conference they have in Times Square in New York in the Fall. Even if you don’t win, it’s something to put on your resume!

You can find out more here (and register): https://neo4j.com/blog/announcing-nodes-2019-global-graphhack

They also have an online developer summit on October 10th that you can register for (free): https://neo4j.com/online-summit

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