What are digital badges?

With all the different sources available for learning new skills outside the classroom, digital badges serve as a way for students to keep track of and proudly display the knowledge they have gained.

Thanks to MOOCs, seminars, and online courses, students do not have to depend on what’s taught exclusively in the classroom to develop expertise in topics they are interested in. Digital badges are a virtual certification acknowledging this diverse learning journey.

Each seminar in the Data Science for All series includes an optional assignment and/or quiz that you can complete after the seminar to demonstrate the skills you have learned. There is no cost for taking the quiz for each badge (but you must first participate in the related seminar). For the seminars offered at SJSU, the badges are issued by the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business and can be posted on your LinkedIn profile to show future employers the additional skills you are learning in addition to your course work.

For more information on the digital badges available, and the skills that each badge attests to, click on the button below for each badge.

Digital badges offered through this seminar series: