Taught by: Harlan Findley

After completing the seminar, you should be able to:

  • Describe the basics of how Machine Learning works
  • Explain how it’s being used to improve business processes
  • Understand which parts of the economy will be most affected by ML-driven automation
  • Learn how computers work

Seminar Description:

Machine Learning is dramatically changing the way many companies are doing business. But we’re only at the beginning of the revolution: as companies, governments, and individuals grow to understand how to leverage Machine Learning and enable widespread automation, we will see an immensely disruptive effect on the economy- and to the future of work itself.

Machine Learning describes systems that learn from, and make useful predictions, using historical data.

Please join us for a seminar on the basic concepts of ML and automation, as well as a discussion of the potential impacts we’ll see from automation over the next ten years.

The seminar is designed for a non-technical audience. We won’t code and only use light math, but all are welcome!