Students earning this badge have attended the Data Science for All seminar on Exploring Relationships in Graphs and successfully completed the post-seminar assignment/quiz. This badge attests to the skills students have learned through the seminar and demonstrated through the post-seminar assignment using the Neo4j graph database.

The course was initially developed and presented as part of the Data Science for All seminar series at San Jose State University by Dr. Scott Jensen in the Spring 2019 semester.

For a description of the seminar content, see the seminar page. In a nutshell, the skills learned (and covered by this digital badge) include:

  • Understanding the node and edge structure of a graph schema
  • Basics of the Cypher query language and working with paths and properties
  • Loading nodes and edges from a file, constraints, indexes, and merge
  • Writing multi-path queries using aggregation, filtering, and composing queries using WITH clauses

Students who have earned this badge demonstrated skills in understanding the use of graph databases and writing queries against a graph database. This includes an understanding of how graph databases are being used in industry, an understanding of the structure of graph database schemas, their composition from nodes and edges, determining what should be a node, edge, or property, and writing queries against that schema. Using Neo4j, they have demonstrated an understanding of the basics of queries in Cypher using paths and attributes, returning graphs and tabular results, as well as doing multi-path queries, using aggregation and filtering, and composing larger queries using WITH clauses. They have also demonstrated the ability to import data from a file using constraints, indexes, and merging data.