Students who earn this badge have attended the Data Science for All seminar on Python Foundations and successfully completed the post-seminar assignment/quiz. This badge attests to the skills students have learned through the seminar and demonstrated through the post-seminar assignment, using Python in Spyder or IDLE. Starting Spring 2020, the working environment will be Google Colaboratory.

The course was initially developed and presented as part of the Data Science for All seminar series at San Jose State University by Dr. Esperanza Huerta in the Spring and Fall 2019 semesters. Additional presentations are scheduled for 2020 and 2021.

For a description of the seminar content, see the seminar page. In a nutshell, the knowledge and skills covered by this digital badge include:

  • Explaining the role of programming in data science
  • Interpreting, executing, tracing, and creating simple Python programs
  • Receiving data input from the keyboard and from text files, and outputting data to the screen and to text files
  • Using basic data types (string, integer, float, and Boolean)
  • Using assignment and basic arithmetic operations
  • Using unique and divergent (if-the-else) path of executions
  • Using loops (for and while)

In addition to demonstrating Python knowledge and skills, students who earn this badge show that they can identify and convert basic data types, trace the execution of a simple program, and identify and correct simple bugs. They also show they can create basic programs that read and write text files with single values per line.