Students earning this badge have attended the Data Science for All seminar on Statistical Foundations and successfully completed the post-seminar assignment/quiz. This badge attests to the skills students have learned through the seminar and demonstrated through the post-seminar assignment.

The course was initially developed and presented as part of the Data Science for All seminar series at San Jose State University by Dr. Subhankar Dhar in the Spring 2019 semester.

For a description of the seminar content, see the seminar page. In a nutshell, the skills learned (and covered by this digital badge) include:

  • Exploratory data analysis using Jupyter Notebook and commonly used Python libraries such as Numpy and Pandas, Scypi, Statistics
  • Basic probability theory, Bayes Theorem, the Central Limit Theorem, mean, median, mode, and standard deviation
  • Problem solving using Binomial and Normal distribution
  • Data visualization using Matplotlib and other visualization tools

Students who have earned this badge demonstrated skills in understanding the use of Jupyter Notebook and Python statistical libraries. This includes an understanding of measures of central tendency, basic concepts of probability theory including Bayes theorem, conditional probability, Binomial and Normal distributions and how they are used to solve problems in Data Science. Using Python libraries, they have demonstrated how to apply them to generate graphs and interpret the results. They have also demonstrated the ability to import and read datasets from a file using Pandas.